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Seb Hareng

Why this Blog?

I created this blog to share with other mobile app developers/marketers, my experience marketing my own apps on the different app stores. I’m not an app marketing guru but I digest everything I can on the subject through other blogs and podcasts. More importantly, I test what I learn with my own apps. That’s why this blog is really a laboratory or “Lab” where I try things out and share with you what worked and what didn’t.

Below are some of the topics I cover or plan to cover:

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • App Analytics
  • App traffic increase using social media, press and blog coverage, web
  • App monetization models (paid, freemium, in-app purchase, …)
  • App design and UI
  • App idea generation
  • Top mobile ad networks to promote and monetize apps
  • etc …


More about Seb

Living in San Jose, California for the past 15 years with my wife and 3 kids. Started as a back-end developer, I quickly started to manage software teams for various companies including Netflix and Invisalign. Excited by mobile development, I decided to learn Objective-C in 2010 by myself and created my first iPhone application called iFindBikes. While it was a fun and enriching experience, I was shocked by how few downloads and let along sales I got from this 3 months project. That’s when I realized that being a good app marketer was equally necessary as being a good app developer. So I decided to continue working full time and learn everything I could about app marketing. In October 2013, feeling more prepared, I decided to quit my Software Director position to do apps full time with my wife through our company Bonsaisoft LLC. I’m now coding iOS and Android apps using Objective-C, Swift and Corona SDK and do the App Marketing. My wife Cristina is a graphic designer and provides all the design for our apps and websites.

You can find our work here:

Outside of the world of Apps, I also have a passion for photography. Here is some of my photos.



  1. Hey Seb, thanks a lot for your curated news. Read it from time to time and always smth interesting.

    Wanted to reach out and ask for a feedback on our new platform for App Store pages optimization and A/B testing (icons, screenshots, videos, etc) Would be great to know what you think!

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