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How Long for Apple to Review Your App?


Typical wait time for each step

If you’re an iOS app developer, you must sometime wonder how long Apple will take to review your app. There is not an exact answer as it varies all the time. Typically, your app once uploaded to Apple (through the iTunes Connect website) will go from the “Upload Received” to “Waiting for Review” status in a matter of seconds. Then the longest comes which is “Waiting for Review”. This status indicates that your app is in a queue to be reviewed and this can take days. In my experience, I’ve seen my apps stay between 3 to 7 days in this state.

Once your app is picked up to be reviewed, it goes to the “In Review” state. I’ve seen this stage take several hours to 3 days. If Apple thinks that there is an issue with your app, it will mark it as Rejected and post a detailed reason in the resolution center. It will then be your turn to provide an answer to Apple and if need be submit a new binary.

If no problem were found with your app then Apple will approve it and it will be on the store within few hours (unless you specified a release date in the future).

The diagram below shows a flow of the major app statuses.


Nice tool giving the average wait time shared by App Developers

Luckily for us, there is also a website that indicates what is the average time for Apple to review apps at the moment. How do they get this information? It’s simply app developers/creators who post the number of days they had to wait for their app to be approved by Apple on Twitter. Developers use a special hashtag: #iosreviewtime and this website has a script that pulls the date regularly.

At the time I wrote this post, Apple is taking on average 7 days to approve applications and this info was based on 386 tweets (see screen below).


I find this tool very useful and decided to participate too. So each time my app is approved right away (which mean with no rejection as it would skew the data), I post the number of days it took on Twitter. If you find it useful, I encourage you to do the same!

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    • Good catch Ric! Actually the grammar was wrong and I don’t agree with what I wrote anymore. Not sure why I wrote it so I removed it.

  2. Shane

    Great article! I got kind of lost for a while, it would be better to make a subheading for each state, that would make it easier for people like myself to choose which one I need to look at :) Thanks!

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