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Why this Resources Page?

People often ask me the tools I use to market my apps, do ASO or even books I recommend … To answer this, I created this list and any reader of this blog can use it.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. What it means is that without you having to pay extra, I will get a commission if you purchase some of the products below. Please note that each product/service is listed on this page  only if I’ve been using it for a while, loved it and think that you can benefit from it.

App Design Tools

Screenshots Design

Place It: Tool to create professional looking photos with your app screenshots in them. It’s very handy to create great looking screenshots with a limited budget.



Mock U Phone: Very nice and free tool allowing you to create images with real mobile devices in them (iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices, …) in different angles. You pick the device, the color and then it’s up to you to add a nice background.



Icon Design

99 Designs: You have no artistic skill, then hire designers to create icons for you. What I like with this site is that several designers compete to create a design, you pick the one you like at the end and can still ask for adjustments.



App Icon Template: Very handy Photoshop templates to generate iOS and Android icons in the right formats and sizes. Can save a lot of time for you or for your designer.



Icon Generator: Neat little tool created by an independent developer tired of spending so much time generating icons in all sizes for his apps. Give one large icon (1024×1024) to this tool and it will generate all the sizes you need for iOS and Android. Isn’t this neat?


App Store Optimization Tools (ASO)

Sensor Tower: This is the #1 ASO tool in my opinion. I use it all the time to get keyword traffic, competitor’s keywords … It’s also great for localizing keywords. I’m constantly testing other ASO tools but can only recommend this one at the moment.



Google Keyword Planner: This free tool provided by Google allows you to find search traffic by keyword on Google. The web traffic is not the same as app store traffic but it’s still a great tool to find keyword you could have missed.



Google Trends: Complementary to Google Keyword Planner (above), Google Trends let you visualize how less/more popular keywords are in Google Search over time.



Application Analytics

App Annie: I use this tool everyday to check my apps downloads, revenue, reviews, ranking … It’s very handy to have data from different stores (I have apps on iOS, Google Play and Amazon) in one central place. The Store Stats option also allows you to review how the competition is doing.



Flurry: Analytics tool to track what happens in your app once people download it. It’s full of information and can be a bit overwhelming to use at first but after a while it gives a lot of insight.



Resources to Create your Own App Website

To host your own websites or blogs (like this one), I recommend that you use WordPress. It’s free, user friendly and the functionalities are endless with its big collection of plugins. Also, I suggest that you don’t use which can host your website but doesn’t let use your own domain and is limited in the number of plugins. Instead, I recommend using a host company like Bluehost (see below) and install Worpress on it (which Bluehost made very easy).


Bluehost:  Bluehost is the Web Hosting company I use to host all my WordPress websites (this blog, my app website, …). I recommend Bluehost because they are reliable with a strong support system. They have an easy to use tool dashboard with tons of help for non technical people. Installing an instance of WordPress is for example done with few clicks which is very convenient. Their prices are also very reasonable.

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