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Today, we’re going to review the app store optimization (ASO) tool called Sensor Tower. Originally named “App Store Ranking”, the ASO tool has been around for few years now and gained in maturity. Based on app developers I know and articles I read on the web, this is probably the most popular ASO tool with app developers today.

When you start the application, the first impression is great. Unlike some other ASO tools, the user interface is clean and very self explanatory. The tool is separated in different sections that are all accessible on the left menu.

App Ranking Feature

The first section is called “App Ranking” and is I think, the most useful one for app developers. Using it, you can have Sensor Tower analyze a list of keywords or phrases (phrases being a group of keywords) and return an estimation of traffic as well as the difficulty for your app to rank for them using ratios. The ratios’ values go from 0 to 10.

The main goal is of course to pick keywords or phrases that have a high traffic ratio (closer to 10) and a low difficulty.


If your app is already in the app store, a graph also shows you how you app has been ranking for those keywords historically. This is very useful to visualize if your ranking goes to the right direction for each keyword.



Keyword Optimization Feature

The keyword optimization feature will help you a lot, especially if you’re new to ASO. The goal of the optimization is to reduce the number of character used in the keyword list field in order to be able to fit more keywords. The logic is actually fairly simple once you know it. It’s all about:

  • Removing white spaces (that are not needed and take space)
  • Having a comma only between the words
  • Removing duplicate keywords
  • Removing keywords that are already in the app name

Once this basic clean up is done, you have more space to add more keywords and increase your chances for your app to be listed in the search.

Keyword translation Feature

If you see that your app has some success in non english speaking country, it could be a good idea to translate few things around your app like app name, description, keywords but also the content inside your app. Using the local language (Mandarin, Spanish, German, …) can help a lot increasing the downloads in some countries.

In case you’re not ready to translate everything, one thing you can start with is to translate the application name and keywords. Sensor Tower has a section that translates the keywords you’ve selected in multiple languages. I’ve played with it can attest that the French translation is pretty good (I’m French/English bilingual). I can’t talk about the other languages though but hope that the translation is as good.


Sensor Tower is a great ASO tool, with a lot of features. It’s easy to use and can help you learn ASO as well as find keywords you would have never thought about.



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